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Different parts of India have gone into lock down. And while humans have been finding myriad ways to deal with the lock down, stray animals might end up becoming avn unforeseen casualty of the lock down. Thousands of stray cats and dogs in India depend on daily markets, restaurants and local good Samaritans who feed strays. But with corona virus sending people into isolation and public establishments shutting down, strays may have a hard time finding food.Street dogs, cows, and birds can neither get nor give corona virus to humans.However, in the event of a lock down, if they are not fed, many will die, creating another kind of a problem.
Animal cruelty is becoming a big problem everywhere.
Animals are companions and living creatures.God created man and animals .We must show kindness to our fellow creatures too.We must also spread love among all and treat animals with love and affection.
Cruelness is the wrong act ,stay kind ,stay affectionate.
Help is needed caring for stray animals & feed them

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